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Your data is yours, even when it's safely stored on a 10Centuries server. Access permissions control what people can see and how they see it.

Vibrant and Welcoming

Nice.Social, where members of 10Centuries can interact, has a vibrant and respectful community. Everyone is welcome to join in.

Who wants to feel bad after a couple of minutes on social media? To heck with that. People deserve better.

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Jason Irwin

Powerful Features

Limitless possibilities. What will you create?

Customizable Designs

SEO Friendly

Responsive Mobile Sites

High Performance

Manage on the Go

High Security

Powerful Media Management

Easy and Accessible

Free & Open Source Software

10Centuries is completely open source, making it possible for interested people to examine exactly how the system works and how it has evolved over time. Want to host your own version of 10Centuries? No problem! The source code can be installed on almost any system capable of PHP and MySQL.

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