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About 10Centuries

10Centuries started out as a simple blogging platform and has evolved over the years to include support for podcasts, action lists, social interactions, and more! The ultimate goal of the project is to stay online for a thousand years, allowing future generations to learn more about us through our own words, picture, and voices.

The 10Centuries project is run by Jason Irwin, also known as @matigo, and is 100% funded by the people using the service. There is no corporate agenda nor a drop of advertising or venture capital anywhere. Anything you upload to the service remains yours. What's more, you can download your entire archive at any time and take the data with you to another service at any time. There is no service lock-in here.

Want to know more? Feel free to sign up for an account and kick the tires. You can write blog posts, upload photos, chat with some very smart people, and share your podcasts with just a few clicks. Have a feature request? Just send a message to @10Centuries on Social!